28-Day Test Apparatus for MCB

(As Per IEC: 60898 -1:2002)
Sensors 28-Day Test and Temperature Levitate Apparatus for MCB (As Per IEC: 60898 -1:2002) is developed to perform the following:
28 days Test
To perform 28 days Test, the MCB is exposed to 28 cycles, Each cycle comprising 21 hours with rated current more than 30 Volts. And 3 hours without current. . PLC is used to maintain the cycle. Complete PLC controlled system to test MCB as per the standards requirement

Temperature Rise Test
Temperature Rise Test also can be carried out of Constant Current Source. Digital Temperature Scanner with 12 channels.

Watt Loss Test
The watt loss measurement at rated current and at open voltage of more than 30 Volt AC. carried out with this panel. Digital Milli Volt Meter is provided for Voltage measurement.