For Electric Iron
(IEC: 60335-2-3 and IS:366, IS:302)
Drop test apparatus as per IEC: 60335-2-3 having arrangement to drop the ron form 40 m.m. (Duly adjustable cam with demarcation for fall) height and 15 Kg. Iron plates @ 20 falls per min. (variable drive for change in falls per inute easy to adjust accurately) duly fitted with socket and switches. The test system consists of failure detection, incase of appliance fails the falling system will stop. The machine is operates through a TEFC FHP motor and heavy-duty gearbox very part of apparatus is machine made and duly finished in chrome and powder coated. Geared motor, to drive the lifting device for 20 drops per minute. Digital 6-digit counter is fitted in machine to count the Falls / drops per minute with memory feature. Falling assembly consist of mounting arrangement fastening the specimen, with a cam of 40 m.m. (Duly adjustable cam with demarcation for fall). Switchgear, with main switch, fuses and preset number of strokes with complete safety box made of aluminum section and poly carbonate box with vent and latch switch. With Iron failure detection system.

Tech Specs
Geared Mechanism
Preset Digital counter
Other safety devices