Capacity: As per requirement.
Ranges: As per requirement.
 Accuracy: Within +/- 1% between 10% & 90 of the scale.
Traverse Speed: 20 m.m. per minute
0-500 +/- 50 m.m. per minute.
Grip separation Minimum: 20 m.m.
Grip separation Maximum: 500 m.m.
Grips: Two pairs for metal specimen, one pair for plastic specimen
Grip Capacity:
      1. For metal specimen: Self-tightening type, with capacity to hold wires of up to 10 m.m. dia, flats of 20 m.m. Width
      2. For plastic specimen: Self-tightening type with exocentric roller, Knurled to hold up to 30 m.m. width specimens.
Power requirement: single phase 220 Volts, 50 Hz, AC/ 415 Volts three phase
Over travel safety Switches: Limit switch will be provided for top and bottom positions.
Indicators : ON OFF UP DOWN mains indicator will be provided elongation Scale will be provided.