Thermal Conductivity Test Apparatus

Value at mean temperature as per IS: 3346 – 1980. Testing of K value of Mineral wool insulation, Polypro ethane foam, expended Polystyrene, test is required to be done at a constant temperature of 0° to (-)10°C. Two slab guarded Hot Plate Method.

Hot face Max. temperature (+99°C)
Hot face Min. temperature (+60°C)
Cold face max. temperature (+60°C)
Cold face min. temperature (-10°C)
Specimen size to be tested 300 m.m. X 300 m.m.
Thickness 50 m.m.
The above parameters will limit the testing range from 30°C to 99°C mean temperature.
Water circulation system.
Insulated Box with viewing window.
The system also incorporated with accidental protection devices.
thyrestorized firing heat control
Designed as per IS: 3346 – 1980 Hot plate method.
2. Microprocessor based testing system consist of followings.
8 Channel scanner with all input flashing as per the pre programmed interval.


A computer with Powerlog software with necessary printer output will be there on the instruments.
Thermal conductivity value to be calculated and as per the formula provided in our instruction manual.
Hot plate system has got digital control for guard heater Temperature, needs only power supply and a few liters of water to operate.
Stabilized voltage control system (Power Module) servo assisted To keep the voltage ±1 Volts.
Center Heater size:- 153 m.m. X 153 m.m.
Specimen size to be tested – 300 m.m. X 300 m.m.
Thickness: 50 m.m.
Horizontal system.
The ambient temperature of 27°C ±1C to be maintained by user.