Ball Pressure Apparatus

Perform tests specified in many standards such as BIS, UL, CSA, VDE, BSI, DIN, IEC, etc. where resistance of insulating materials to elevated operating temperatures is to be determined. It is used to test insulation materials used in Electrical wiring accessories, Electrical Appliances, luminaries, motors, connectors and non metallic components which are subjected for operating at above room temperature etc. The test ensures that external parts of insulating material, the deterioration of which might cause the appliance to fail to comply with the relevant standards, are sufficiently resistant to heat. Enclosures & other external parts of insulating material are subjected to the test. The ball pressure apparatus is designed to verify the quality & safety characteristics of products, as required by national & international standards. The sample to be tested is placed on a platform & the ball pressure apparatus is placed on top of it. The whole assembly is then placed inside an oven & maintained at the test temperature for the specified time period. After the test period, the sample & ball pressure apparatus are removed from the oven & cooled to room temperature. Finally, the depression created by the ball pressure apparatus in the sample due to softening of the sample is measured. The sample is said to comply with the requirements if the diameter of the impression does not exceed the value specified in the respective specifications.

Test to determine resistance to heat in insulating materials.

To check insulating materials used in electrical appliances, Luminaries & accessories.
The apparatus checks the deterioration in insulation which might reduce the safety of the appliance.
All stainless steel construction.

Eye Piece with built in scale for measuring the impression of the steel ball precisely.
Force applied on sample : 20 N, � 0.1 N.

Size: 18� X 18� X 24�
Temperature Range: Ambient to 200�C Temperature Accuracy: �1%
Control system: �ON� �OFF� Digital Controller. Optional PID Controller