Smoke Density Test Apparatus

As per ASTM D 2843 & IS:13360-6-9

This apparatus to smoke density test method covers a laboratory procedure for measuring and observing the relative value of smoke obscuration produced by the burning or decomposition of plastics. This test method serves to determine the extent to which plastic materials are likely to smoke under conditions of active burning and decomposition in the presence of flame. The measurements are made in terms of the loss of light transmission through a collected volume of smoke produced under controlled, standardised conditions. The usefulness of this test procedure is in its ability to measure the amount of smoke obscuration produced in a simple, direct, and meaningful manner under the specified conditions. The degree of obscuration of vision by smoke generated by combustibles is known to be affected by changes in quantity and form of material, humidity, draft, temperature, and oxygen supply.

This test is used by R & D and Standard Labs in controlling the use of plastic materials in light transmitting applications. Smoke Density Test Apparatus ASTM D-2843 and IS-13360-6-9 are available by Sensors India.

Salient Features :

  1. For a specific product undergoing the Smoke Density Test, there is provision to select its number of samples from the Denssmoke Software . Then the test will be conducted as per standard for the requested number of samples.
  2. Data will be logged every 15 Seconds with a beep sound.
  3. Then trend will be plotted for the selected number of samples. Each Sample’s plot will display in different colour.
  4. Also Average of all the samples undergoing the test will be plotted in different colour.
  5. Report will also generate automatically after completion of test. Also graph will be plotted in the generated report as per the relevant Standard's requirement.


Smoke Density Apparatus