Critical Oxygen Index Test Apparatus 

Apparatus to determine the minimum concentration of oxygen that will just support flaming combustion of plastic materials such as polymers, cables, rubber, nylon, laminates, paints, surface coating etc. in a flowing mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, in conformity with ASTM D-2863, BS 2782 PT-141, and ISO-4589.

Oxygen Oxygen percentage :     0~100%
Resolution :                                  0.01
Accuracy :                                     0.5%

All Stainless Steel construction including Control Box Controls : Solid State Gas Distribution & Control : SMPS based Power Supply to enable operation over a large Supply range 200-250V/ 90~125 Volts Ac, , single phase

Oxygen Sensors : Imported O2 Sensor with special filter (4 micron) and precision gas regulator with locking facility for long life of sensor and reliable measurements.

The test method of the critical oxygen index test apparatus covers a fire test response procedure which is for measuring minimum concentration of oxygen in a flowing mixture of oxygen & nitrogen that will just support the flaming combustion.